Terms of Service

By using this website/service you agree with all the following terms, conditions, and notices without limitation or modification:
  • This service is provided on an as-is basis with no guarantees.
  • Any support offered is an extension of courtesy only and is not guaranteed to help.
  • MyBannerMaker is not responsible for any damages that arise as a result of this service or support, monetary or otherwise.
  • Failure to read prompts, notices, directions, or instructions may result in a temporary or permanent restriction of access to the service (ban).
  • Any attempts to disable, reverse-engineer, disrupt, or otherwise use the service in an unintended manner may result in any of a ban, prosecution, notification to authorities.
  • No guarantees are made regarding the availability or longevity of the service.
  • You agree to only upload or utilize content which you are legally allowed to use in both your local jurisdiction and that of Austin, TX, USA.
  • You grant a non-exclusive irrevocable license to MyBannerMaker for all content uploaded to the site or otherwise created through use of the services.
  • The aforementioned license allows MyBannerMaker to use, adapt, modify, reproduce, and republish content in conjunction with this service without restriction.
  • You agree not to upload content that could reasonably be considered sexually graphic or otherwise inappropriate to the site except under a Private VIP account (and only then when such content is legal).
  • MyBannerMaker retains the right to utilize any provider for hosting of content, including content uploaded to or created with the website.
  • Banners that are saved cannot be deleted or removed from the servers permanently under normal circumstances.
  • We will cooperate with authorities by providing information in relation to illegal activities.
  • Refunds are not available under normal circumstances for any paid services. Refunds will only be given on a case-to-case basis and then only by decision of MyBannerMaker.com.
  • Paid memberships do not relinquish or otherwise make void any of the above terms, including without limitation the right of MyBannerMaker to restrict access to the service.
  • You agree to make an effort to solve any problems that arise by visiting the FAQ for solutions prior to contacting us whenever feasible.
  • Removal, obscuring, or any attempt to remove or obscure, the branding and origin notification on images that are generated with this service is strictly forbidden.
  • Accessing this service through automated means such as a bot or scraper is forbidden except when such access is for a bona fide search engine or has been requested on behalf of MyBannerMaker.com.
  • The above item does not include very light access in order to provide services such as web thumbnails, site previews, or other non-commercial activities.
  • We reserve to update these Terms of Service whenever necessary without notification. Such changes are effective immediately and continued use of the service is evidence of acceptance of the new terms.